More ASL Classifiers  Sentences

1.       I  went bowling with friends. At the first throw, I knocked down 7 pins but at my second try, I threw a bit wildly and it veered to the right into the gutter. Oh well.

2.       Last Christmas, my father brought in a live pine tree.  The ceiling in our living room was 12 feet high but the tree top hit the ceiling. My dad had to chop off a few inches from the top so it there was enough space to add an angel on the top of the tree.

3.       There is an interesting lamp at the store. It is a circular pillar with three parts joined together. The whole pillar radiates with a warm light from within.

4.       My little brother once got his head stuck on the back of the chair rails. My father had to saw off one of the rail to get him out.

5.       At the mall, there is an all glass elevator. It is suspended by  a steel cable at the top. You can see all the way around. It is pretty cool.

6.       I saw two men rock climbing. They did not have any harnesses. They used their own hands and feet to climb over the rocks. I watched until they got smaller and smaller climbing this huge rock face about 50 feet high.

7.       There are two ducks in the pond.  Suddenly both took flight and flew up and over the trees.

8.       I got a gift of a cuckoo clock from a Swiss friend. At every half hour, the little door near the roof will open and a cuckoo bird will come out and tweet. For every hour, two doors at each end of the clock house will open and two dancers come out and dance in a circle. It is pretty neat.

9.       There was a cake competition on TV. On the bottom of one of the cakes was a large thick square, then another smaller square on top of it, then a big globe was added on top of the square, ending with a long circular top. I have no idea how it was held together.

10.   In the backyard, two kids were jumping alternately on a trampoline. One flipped around and landed on his feet, the other tried but fell on his bottom. 

11.   High up in a fir tree is a huge nest. You can see baby birds poking their heads over the nest with their beaks open. The mother eagle flew down, perched on the edge of the nest and popped something down their beaks.

12.   A diver climbed up a tall ladder up onto a small platform, he jumped up twice then he did a neat corkscrew dive down into the pool. It made a splash.

13.   There are two gangs, the Kings and the Outsiders. The Kings wear all black with red caps, the Outsiders wear mostly denim with yellow kerchief headbands.  The Kings has control of the basketball area while the Outsidersí turf is the beach area. The first group is mostly young Hispanic boys and girls while the other group has young white boys with a sole girl. Both gangs often get into fights with each other and terrorize the neighborhood.

14.   I bought a new sweater. It is grey and has two blue and green stripes down the v-neck.

15.   At the circus, I watched an acrobat stand on his head with his legs in an inverted V.  The other acrobat ran and jumped and made a flip over the first acrobat before landing on the other end. Wow.

16.   Some children were playing hide and seek. One boy hid behind a tree, the girl hid under some bushes. The tagger saw the boy and chased him. The tagger was catching up to the boy but the boy reached a safe place, a picnic table before he could be tagged. The tagger wheeled back and tagged the girl before she had a chance to escape. Now the girl is it.

17.   I noticed litter around an outdoor wastebasket. I thought the wind caused it until I saw a large crow perched on the edge of the basket, he foraged with his beak, picked up a piece of trash, flung it out of the basket, hopped down and nibbled some food off it, then he repeated the procedure with another piece of trash. What a clever bird.

18.   I was watching the speed skaters race in the Winter Olympics on TV, four of them were breast to breast for about three rounds until the last one broke free and skated past the first three to win a gold. His name is Apolo Ohno. It was a thrill to watch.

19.   The skier sped down the mountain in curves and leaping over small mounds and got to the bottom in a quick turn spraying snow at bystanders.

20.   A friend played a trick on his roommate. He tied a bucket full of cold water on top of a ledge right above the doorway to their dorm room. The rope was then tied to the doorknob. When the roommate entered the room, the bucket tilted and he was immediately doused. The last laugh was on the trickster because he had to mop the wet floor and dry the blanket and sheets on his bed as it was closest and got the full impact as well.

21.   Two Blue Angel fighter planes crisscrossed each other in the air and did a loop-de-loop in the air then both made a side by side circle before zooming off. Awesome.

22.   In the past, Deaf people used a makeshift alarm clock. They would tie a string to an old fashioned alarm clock that has knobs all around the clock. When the alarm sounds, the knob will pop out.  A  string was  tied to the knob next to the time one wants to wake up on the clock and then this string was tied to a board that is folded up against the wall by the bed. When the clock strikes, the knob would pull out thereby causing the string to loosen the board and the board will fall on the headboard with a loud thud thus waking up a Deaf sleeper.

B. Aron