Seattle Central Community College                            Humanities and Social Services

Interpreting Training Program                                     Brenda Liebman Aron

ITP 250 Applied Interpreting Experience II


Course Schedule 2013

Date: Tuesdays 11-12 PM

Course Outline:

Week 1: January 8

Intros, Syllabus & Housekeeping, Submit your paperwork: Goals and Objectives-due by Friday, Jan. 11th.

Week 2: January 15

Site Observations Set-Up, submit mentor/mentee agreement papers. Due by Jan 18th
1st Journal due

Week 3: January 22

Volunteer Opportunities

2nd Journal due

Week 4: January 29

Experiences and Issues

3rd Journal due

Week 5: February 5

Pressing Topics; on-site evaluations

4th Journal due

Week 6: February 12

Small Group Discussions;

5th Journal due

Week 7: February 19

Large Group Discussions

6th Journal due

Week 8: February 26

Volunteer Opportunity Needs?

7th Journal due

Week 9: March 5

Interpreter Observations Needs

8th Journal due

Week 10: March 12

Optional (make up journal date) If you miss a week to submit a journal, this is your opportunity to make up for the missed week.

Week 11: March 19 (last class)

Students’ Log, List of your Observation and Volunteer Interpreter Hours, & Reflection/Assessment (including your post-Goals and Objectives) Paper due.