ITP 145 Course Resources:

RID Papers: RID Code of Ethics;
RID Standard Practice Papers: check out website below for interpreting in specific settings.
RID Website Info
Course Papers: Ethics Research Project Requirements:
Universal Truths Related to Ethics
Approaches to Ethical Decision Making
For PP: Johari Window Assignment & Further Discussion
For PP: Ethical Maturity, Case Study: Creating a Life to Save a Life
Weekly Class Agenda Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4
Week 5, Week 6; Week 7, Week 8
Website Papers: Research & Plagiarism;
How to Cite Sources from the Web & Avoid Plagiarism
Code of Ethics for Religious Interpreting;
Cokely's Paper-Rationale for Revising RID COE 2005; David Timms: Examining Code of Ethics:
EIPA: Educational Interpreting Guidelines:
Justin Goujon: Ethical People:
Educational Interpreters Code of Professional Conduct
Related Topics: What is American Culture; What is Deaf Pride:
The Mayo Jar
Study guides: Midterm Study Guide
Final Exam Study Guide