ITP 145 Ethics in Interpreting Lecture Notes:

Week 1: Ethics and Decision Making for Interpreters
RID Code of Ethics
What is Ethics?
Week 2:  Survey of Ethics and Values
Values and Ethics Activity
Week 3:

A Person Should Be...
Decisions, Decisions

Timelineof Interpreting in the US;
Models of Interpreting;

Week 4:

Applying the DECIDE technique PP;
Intellectual and Ethical Decision Making PP
Universal Truths Related to Ethics

Week 5

Chapter 4: When Values Collide
RID website about the ADA
D.D. Ch. 5 The Work Ethic of Sign Language Professionals

Week 6 Human Nature and Johari Window
D.D. Ch 6 Ethics of Professional Relationships
Week 7

D.D. Ch 7 Demonstrating Moral and Ethical Reasoning
Points to Consider in Ethical Decision-Making PP

Week 8 Drama Triangle and Power
Taboo Subject
Week 9 Review Topics