Monday, September 24




Get Acquainted; Syllabus; Classroom Communication Protocols

Discussion: Meaning of “Helping and Working with Deaf-Blind” people

Kinds of Vision and Communication (review)

Tunnel/Close-Vision interpreting experience-copy signing

Read Guidelines:

Chapter 1 Introduction,

Ch 2 Daily Life and Resources of DB People,

Chapter 3: Themes and

Appendix A: Talking About Deaf-Blindness: Terms, Definitions and Notes (review)


Wednesday, Sept 26


Discussion: Seating arrangements

Continue Tunnel/Close Vision interpreting practice- copy signing

Tunnel/Close Vision interpreting from a lecture-tracking-methods and techniques of copy signing and tracking

Discuss Readings from Homework: Chapters 1-3

Read Guidelines Chapter 7 Communication  & Ch: 4 Manners


Monday, October 1





Practice in a restaurant environment

1st Tunnel Vision Interaction-Restaurant environment test and

Written Quiz

Share your biographies

Read: Guidelines: Ch 15: Interpreting: The Role, and Ch: 16: Interpreting: Practical Considerations and Special Skills


Research/interview paper on DB biographies due



Wednesday, October 3

Lecture and discussion: Tactile Communication

Practice Tactile Interpreting

between two people, one sighted non-signer and a mock Deaf-Blind

 Read Guidelines Chapter 8: Tactile Communication, Chapter 9: Tactile Language and  10: Modifying Tactile Language


Monday, October 8

Discussion: Tactile Communication Techniques

And Homework readings:

Chapters 8-10

Practice tactile interpreting from a lecture-copy signing and listening to voiced interpretation

Discussion: Homework Readings:

Seat Arrangements/what to do in meetings, lectures etc;

The Art of Conversation, and Visual Information

Read Guidelines Chapter 20: Meetings Including Deaf-Blind People, 12: The Art of  Conversation

And Chapter 13: Describing What You See


Wednesday, Oct 10

Practice tactile interpreting from a voiced interpretation

Lecture: Pro-tactile interpreting: AJ Granda and Jelica Nuccio



Read Guidelines Chapter 17: Assertiveness and Chapter 19: Authority, Power and Control



Monday, Oct 15


Discuss Ethics of Interaction/Interpreting for the Deaf-Blind Scenarios

Practice Tactile Interpreting from lecture with real live Deaf-Blind friends.



Read Guidelines: Read Chapter 18: Developing a Community and Chapter 21: Why I Volunteer



Wednesday, Oct 17  

Tactile Interpreting Interaction Final Exam and

Written Final Exam

Final Reflection paper due