ITP 119 Course Work and Resources:

Classroom Protocols & Papers Support Service Provider Classroom Protocols
Interpreter Observation Outline
Gratis SSP Outline
Release of Information
Deaf-Blind Services & Organizations Info.
Evaluations In class Evaluation: Deaf-Blind Guiding Techniques 
What to Study for the Final Exam
Projects: Project: Communication Modes for DB Persons and Eye Problems
Tunnel Vision Restaurant Assignment
Websites & Links Wonderful Website of Coco, Deaf-Blind Woman, check it out!
Informational website; CCTV PP
Seattle Lighthouse info
A-Z about Deaf-Blindness
Israel's Deaf-Blind Theatre
Frank Levine, DB Braille Repairman
Glaucoma videoblog


Lighthouse Deaf-Blind Community Classes Schedule
Gratis SSP opportunities