ITP 255 Course Resources
April 01, 2008
Course papers:

AIE Internship Papers:
1. ITP 255 Checklist for interns;
2. Mentor & Student Interpreter; Agreement form;
3.Internship Goals and Objectives;
4. Internship Data Report;
5. SCCC Internship Requirements:

Evaluation forms

1. Intern Strengths/Areas to Work On Evaluation form
2. Mentor Observation Graded Evaluation form
3. Internship Progress Report
4. Deaf Person Evaluation
Guidelines 1. ITP Guidelines for Observations
2. ITP Observation Journal;
3. Internship Expectations:
4. Mentor Observation Information
 World Without Hearing
Interpreting Agencies in greater
Seattle area

1. Sign On
3. Terp Sign Language Services
4. All Hands
5. Hand Dancer Interpreting Services
6. Dynamic Language
7. Language Fusion
8. Pacific Interpreters

9. KIS Interpreting Services
10. DSHS Interpreter Services

 Websites Fingerspelling practice; interactive listening tapesDeaf Poetry;
Washington State Deaf Events
Deaf World (articles & videos)
InterpreterJobs Websites Links to School districts