Seattle Central Community College            Humanities and Social Sciences

Interpreting Training Program                                      Brenda Aron, instructor


ITP 217 Professional Entry Preparation

Subject to change

Course Schedule 2013


Date: Tuesdays 11:00-1:50

Course Outline:

Week 1:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Course Syllabus & Schedule; Course Overview,

Business Cards

Week 2:

April 9

Getting Started: Resumes, Billing Matrix

Show draft of business card due April 23

Final business card must be ready for portfolio prior to graduate portfolio June 4

Week 3:

April 16

List Attributes Activity

Create your own Resume Due: April 23

Week 4: April 23

Creating a Cover Letter and Assignment Intake form

Business Talk: Travel & Toolkit for Interpreters
Interpreting Situations and Circumstances

Create your own "mock" cover letter for a possible or ideal job and intake form Due April 30

Week 5 :

Getting Started: Billing, Invoices and Contracts
Discuss Certifications, Tests and Resources &  Fee Schedule
Create your own invoice and terms of agreement "contract" due May 10

Week 6: May 7

Tamara Moxham: The Next Step- pathways for interpreters after graduation 11:00-1:00 pm

Professional Challenges: How to Shine in Interviews 1:00-2:00 pm

Week 6: May 8

Presenter: Dawn McKenna, the Business Side of Interpreting: Business Licenses and Taxes 11:00-1:00 PM

Week 7: May 14

Presenter: Julia Goldie on “Self Care” at MAC dance studio 11:00-12:00 noon

Resources for creating your own online professional network

Creating your own online professional network due May 21

Week 8: May 21

Practice Mock Interviews

Week 9:May 28

Panel Presentation: Interpreter Coordinators from various organizations and agencies Room BE#1130

Week 10: June 4

Students share and provide feedback on their graduate portfolios; prepare for exit interview

Week 10:
Friday, June 6  8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Exit Interview (at HSDC)

Interviews:  sign up at arranged times.

Week 11:

June 15  


Pinning Ceremony