Lecture Notes
May 13, 2010
Date Week of: Topic
Week 1 Getting Started Outline; Interpreting Tips
Creating a Business Card:
Week 2

Interpreting Situations & Circumstances; Dos&DontsResume files, Sample Student resume, sample resume; sample ITP resumes A; B, Resume Tips
Resume Writing Tips: Resume Keywords
Interpreting Situations & Circumstances Activity
Resume Keywords;
Interpreter Resume Keywords
Resume Don'ts


Week 3

Tips for a Good Cover Letter; Cover Letters
Sample Cover Letters; Capitol Hill;
Newly Graduated Interpreter
Assignment Intake Form

Week 4

Invoice: A, B, C, D
Interpreting Contract A, B, C, D

Week 5

List of Attributes; Conflict
See VRI article in course resourcesIndependent Contractor Checklist

Week 6

Interviewing for a Job; Information for Interpreters

Practice Interview Questions

Week 7 Techniques & Tips for a Good Interview; 10 Tips to Boost Your Interview IQ
Approaches to Resolving Ethical Dilemmas
Week 8

More Interview Tips
Job After College
Panel Presentation Questions

Week 9 Exit Interview for Candidates
Week 10  
Week 11