ITP 245 Course Work and Resources:

Letter of Introduction A. Mock Interpreting Letter of Introduction at SCCC
B. Mock Interpreting Letter of Introduction
C. Mock Interpreting Letter of Introduction Summer quarter
Course Work & Evaluations 1.  ITP 245 Goals & Objectives
2. Mock Interpreting Observation Eval. 50 Pts
3. Mock Interpreting Observation Eval. 100 Pts.
4. Professional Behavior Evaluation

Speak Your Language -essential skills for interpreters
The Interpreter's Friend -helpful info for ASL interpreters
The Interpreter's Tapestry -videos and ideas in interpreting educational, government & self-care
ASL Signs for Technology ; Signs for Technology
Daily Devotions: daily scripture readings in ASL and English religious, everyday and signing for babies
DeafMD: health related signs; Basic Anatomy;
Sign Language Dictionary,
ASL Browser ; Educational Interpreting Skills

 Course Work:  Fall 2011 Mocking Schedule