Course: ASL 221, ASL IV (Item: 8864)   

Credit hours: 5                                                                                    

Lecture Hours:  Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-7:40 PM

Classroom: Puyallup- LSC-171

Instructor:        Brenda Aron

Phone: 425-336-2514    

Email: for paperwork; for immediate response.

Website: http://


Prerequisites: To be eligible for ASL 221 you must meet one of the following conditions:

Course Description: Emphasis is placed on receptive and expressive skill development and ASL fluency. Attention is given to the correct formation of signs, movement, rhythm, phrasing and clarity. This course includes intensive vocabulary building, a deeper understanding of ASL expressions, and proficiency in ASL grammar.                                      

Course Goal and Objectives: To prepare students for mastery of ASL by strengthening their foundational skills and to impart strategies for life-long learning independent of a classroom and instructor.

Student Outcomes: By the end of this course it is expected that students will have developed an enhanced respect for ASL as a language, and for the culture of the people that use it. This includes the acceptance and appreciation of the diverse regional and personal applications of the language.

It is also expected that by the end of the quarter students will have achieved the following outcomes:


Required Text and Material:

Method of Instruction:

The main focus of this course is skill enhancement activities as well as lectures and group discussions. 

Note: Everything that appears in this syllabus from here on is subject to change depending upon the results of our negotiations. What I have written here is merely to get the negotiations underway.


Your final ASL IV grade ideally will reflect the degree to which you are prepared to continue your studies in ASL V. During ASL IV I would like for you to be engaged in several activities designed to enhance your spontaneous expressive and receptive skills as well as your understanding of ASL grammar and language use in the Deaf community.

Course Requirements:

1. Classroom participation: 50 points Most of our learning happens in the classroom so participation in classroom discussions and activities counts toward your grade. There is minimal outside work required for this class, therefore you are expected to be in class, and on time for every session.

2. Skill Enhancement Exercises: 100 points

This provides you with an opportunity to expose yourself to a variety of signing styles. You are to view different storytellers and answer questions related to the stories.

            3. Expressive Narratives: 100 points    

You are expected to record on videotape/DVD 4 stories. These will be evaluated for grade. For more information, read the grading section below.

            4. Quizzes and Final Exam: 100 points

Quizzes and final exam based on learning in the course will be given. If you miss a quiz, you can only retake it in extenuating circumstances otherwise, you will receive a zero.

5. Reading Assignments: 50 points: there will be questions given and discussions related to the readings.

            5. Signing Naturally Workbook: 20 points each

            Completion of workbook exercises in SN Level 2 is expected and will be graded. This will          provide you with an opportunity to practice what you have learned outside of the classroom. This also helps the instructor see your progress and assist as needed.

            6. Deaf Community Contact Hours: 50 points

            You will be expected to interact with the Deaf community for at least 5 hours (10 pts per hour). You are expected to initiate and maintain dialogue with Deaf people on any topic(s) beyond basic introductions.

            7. Late Assignments Marked Down:

Assignments are to be turned on time. You will not be able to earn full credit for late homework unless there are extenuating circumstances AND you have discussed your situation with me. You can email, call or leave a phone message. I will only accept late work submitted at the following class. No late work two class days past will be accepted after that.

Course Expectations:

Learning ASL is an on-going learning experience. I encourage you to immerse yourself in this language in class and outside of class for an optimal learning experience. The following expectations of the students and the instructor will help us create a supportive learning community in the classroom.

Instructor Expectations:

  1. I expect you will arrive on time to class. This will provide an optimal learning experience for all.
  2. You will arrive to class prepared for the planned activities. This means having your homework completed, to submit your videotape on the assigned days and being prepared to participate fully in class activities.
  3. I expect you will NOT speak with voice during class. ASL is a very challenging language to learn. It is particularly difficult not to “think” in English. I expect you will respect your classmates and not distract their concentration by using spoken English or other vocal languages in the classroom. If you wish to share ideas, gossip, comments, or remarks with your neighbors, feel free to do so using ASL!
  4. Please feel encouraged to raise your hand if you don’t understand what is happening in class! We are all learning to communicate together in a new way. Your classmates will benefit not only from your question itself but from watching you sign a question.

Student Expectations:

I do not pretend to know what your expectations will be of me, but as a student you can expect the following from your instructor:

  1. You can expect the instructor to return all assignments promptly so that you can receive feedback as quickly as possible.
  2. You can expect the instructor to be organized and prepared for the day’s lesson.
  3. You can expect the instructor with your help to create a supportive, flexible, and cooperative learning environment so that we all can have fun while we learn to master this fascinating language.

Course Evaluation and Grading:

  1. Participation in Class                                         50 pts
  2. 5 Skill Enhancement Exercises @ 20 pts each   100 pts
  3. 2 Expressive Narratives                                     100 pts
  4. Quizzes  (10 pts each)                                       50 pts
  5. Final Exam (50 pts)                                            50 pts  
  6. Reading Assignments Chapters (14 pts ea ch.)   50 pts              
  7. Signing Naturally Workbook                               20 pts                                      
  8. 5  Hrs. Deaf Community Contact                         50 pts

Total Points for Class:                                        470 points                    

Your final grade will be reported as a decimal grade e.g. 3.7. Below is a conversion table, which shows how the points and percentage grades relate to letter and decimal grades.

Points:             Percentage:      Letter Grade:     Decimal Points:
470-447 =        95% - 100%          =          A           =         4.0
446-423 =        90%- 94%           =                A-             =      3.5 - 3.9
422-409 =        87%- 89%           =          B+         =       3.2 –3.4
408- 39 =         84%- 86%          =         B          =          2.9 -3.1
394-376 =         80% -83%          =         B-         =          2.5 -2.8
375-362 =         77% - 79%         =          C+       =          2.5- 2.8
361-348 =         74% - 76%         =         C          =          1.9-2.1
347-329 =         70%- 73%          =         C-         =          1.5- 1.8
328-315 =        67%- 69%           =        D+      
=       1.2-1.4
314-306 =        65%-66%            =         D          =          1.0 -1.1
305-0    =        0% -64%             =         F           =             0 – 0

Grading scale: Please note: (a 2.0 or better is needed for ASL 222)

Absence Policy:

As ASL is a visual language taught with a visual method, class attendance is essential to learning. Any absences can impede a student’s progress. However, some absences are unavoidable. It is highly encouraged that students miss less than 2 days of class.  Students missing more than 2 days will have 25 points deducted from their final grade. Students missing over 4 days will have 50 points deducted from their final grade. Students who frequently miss parts of the class may have those hours totaled to count as absences from class. Students who miss more than 4 evening classes will result in your final grade being lowered to 1.0 or 0.0.

*Students shall be responsible for gathering all notes, materials and information missed during an absence.

*Note: If you need reasonable accommodations based on a documented disability, have emergency information to share or require special arrangements in case of emergency evacuation, please make a confidential appointment with me within the first day of class.

Americans with Disabilities Act: If you are a student who is disabled as defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act and require assistance or support services, please seek assistance through the Disability Support Services at 253-840-8335 or,

Equal Opportunity Statement: No person shall, on the grounds of race, color, sex, religion, creed, national origin, age or disability, be excluded from employment or participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity conducted by Pierce College.

Affirmative Action Statement: Pierce College adheres to affirmative action policies designed to promote diversity and equal opportunity for all faculty and students.


Looking forward to working and learning together this quarter!