Edmonds Community College English as a Second Language 30P






September 25

  1. Discuss Syllabus and Course schedule.
  2. Discuss Wh-word question
  3. Introductions: “Who Am I”?
  4. Teacher
  5. Students  
  1. Complete summary of person you interviewed. Due Thursday Sept 27
  2. Read about Wh-word questions. Fill in worksheet for wh-word questions. Due before class Thursday, Sept 27.

Sept. 27

  1. Class review homework worksheet
  2. Small group work
  3. Students share their interview summaries with class.
  4. Discuss yes/no questions
  1. Complete worksheet on yes/no questions. Due before class Tuesday, Oct 2.
  2. Re-do interview summary for grade. Due before class Tuesday, Oct 2.

October 2

  1. Class review homework worksheet on yes/no questions.
  2. Discuss new vocabulary

Discussion: Past and present tenses in sentences.

  1. Complete worksheet on past and present tenses in sentences.
  2. Practice signing a summary of your interview for class.

Both due on Thursday, October 4.

October 4

  1. Class review homework on past and present tenses.
  2. Practice your interview summaries in class.
  3. Present your interview summary
  1. Study for your quiz on new vocabulary, past/present tenses, wh-questions and yes/no questions for Tuesday class, October 9

October 9

  1. Review vocabulary, past/present tenses, yes/no questions and wh-word questions.
  2. Quiz on yes/no questions; past and present tenses and vocabulary.