Seattle Central Community College

Winter 2008

HUM 105.7 (Intercultural Communication)
T & TH 6::00PM-8:30PM room 4118
Instructor: Dr. Jawed Zouari
Office: 4110
Ph: 587-6985
Office hours: Tue & Thu 1:00 PM- 3:30 PM
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Required Textbooks

Lustig, Myron W. and Koester, Jolene. Intercultural Competence: Interpersonal Communication Across Cultures.5th  ed. New York: Allyn & Bacon, 2006.

 Note: If you need course adaptations and accommodations because of a disability; if you have emergency medical information to share with me; if you need special arrangements in case the building must be evacuated: Please make an appointment with me as soon as possible.

Course description
This course will discuss the selected authors’ approach to the various aspects of intercultural communication. It will also work towards an understanding of specific topics of intercultural communication as outlined in the course schedule. These topics include, interaction between people of different culture, race, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic background, gender, etc.

Some of the world cultures that will be discussed include the dominant North American and Western European cultures, minorities living in North America and Western Europe. These include African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Arab Americans, etc. We will also examine world cultures in other areas of the world (i.e., Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East).

Special attention will be given to the understanding of current social, economic and political factors, which effect intercultural communication. The course will draw from several disciplines including literature, political science, sociology, history, anthropology, psychology, and political economy. In addition to the required outlined readings, students are strongly encouraged to read on a regular basis one or more publications that address intercultural issues. Every Tuesday, except the first week, class meets at the computer lab, room 3165.

Course Requirements
Each student is expected to complete each week’s reading assignments on the first day of that week and participate actively in class meetings and discussions. All students are also required to complete every course assignment on time. No late assignments are accepted.

Evaluation Formula

1. Attendance & Participation                                          10 points (10%)
2. Lab Writing Assignments                                               20 points  (20%)
3. Mid-Term Exam                                                             35 points  (35%)
4. Final Exam                                                                       35 points  (35%)

Total points for the course                                                 100 points  (100%)







Course Schedule

First Week:          Introduction to Intercultural Competence
Understanding Intercultural Communication
Definitions of Intercultural Concepts
Lustig and Koester, chs. 1 & 2, pp. 3-55
                                Video program: TBA

Second Week:      Intercultural Communication Competence
What do You Call Someone from the United States of America?
Lustig and Koester, chs. 3, pp. 56-82
Video Program: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Paper outline and Oral presentation schedule

Third Week:        Components and Characteristics of Cultural Patterns
Beliefs, Values and Norms
Lustig and Koester, chs. 4, pp. 83-108
Video program:  Skin Deep

Fourth Week:      Cultural Patterns and  Communication
Individualism versus Collectivism
Masculinity versus Femininity
Lustig and Koester, ch. 5, pp. 109-135
Video program: TBA
                Holiday: Monday 21 January

Fifth Week:          Cultural Identity, Cultural Biases, and Intercultural Contact
Ethnocentrism, Stereotyping, Prejudice, etc.
Lustig and Koester, ch. 6, pp. 136-171
Video program: Crash       

Sixth Week:         Verbal Intercultural Communication
Language, Thought, Culture, and Intercultural Communication
Lustig and Koester, ch. 7, pp.173-206                           
                                                Mid-Term Exam: Thursday 07 February
                                                Video program: The Pink Panther

Seventh Week:    Various aspects of intercultural differences and Similarities in Nonverbal communication
Lustig and Koester, ch. 8, pp. 207-233         
Video program: TBA
Eighth Week:      The Effects of Code Usage in Intercultural Communication
Cultural Variations in persuasion, organization of verbal codes and conversations
Lustig and Koester, ch. 9, pp. 234-256
Video program: TBA
Holiday: Monday 18 February

Ninth Week:         Intercultural Competence in Interpersonal Relationships                     
Basic tools for improving intercultural competence                    
Lustig and Koester, ch. 10, pp. 258-287        
Video program TBA

Tenth Week:        Episodes, Contexts, and Intercultural Interactions
Health-care, education, and business contexts
Lustig and Koester, ch. 11, pp. 288-320
                                Video program: TBA

Eleventh Week:  The Potential of Intercultural Competence
The Ethics of Intercultural Competence
                                Lustig and Koester, ch. 12, pp. 321-331

Twelfth Week:    Final Exam, Tuesday 18 March,  room 4118
                                6:00-7:00 PM

End of Quarter