Hum 105 Intercultural Communications

Spring Quarter 2009

Instructor:  Annie Galarosa

Office:  4111

Office Hours: (By appointment)   2:30-3:30

Welcome Students!

Please check the webpage periodically for messages as well as clarification of the course requirements, assignments and other related information. 

Note Time Change:  Class meets Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00 - 5:20 pm.


Syllabus        Journal 1 Specs and General Criteria  
Grade Sheet   Writing Evaluation Criteria
Course Schedule Journal  3 Specs  
Vitae (about the Instructor) Journal  4 Specs  
Essay 1 Journal  5 Specs  
Essay 2 Journal  6 Specs  
Midterm Self Evaluation    
Final Self Evaluation Journal  8 Specs Group Ground Rules
Chapter 3 Objectives & Discussion Questions Journal  9 Specs  
  Journal  10 Specs Recommended Reading/Film List
Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack Dr. Peggy McIntosh Chapter 3 Quiz

Chapter 4 Quiz

Chapter 5 Quiz

Culture & Communication Working Definition
Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People    
    Cultural Adaptation - The Sojourner