Welcome to the SCCC Biology Lab Facilities.


All Biology students prior to beginning your work in these facilities must review the following Safety Protocol.


          Only students currently enrolled in Biology classes are allowed to use laboratory facilities.


          No food or drink is allowed in laboratory facilities. Biology lab experiments may involve live bacteria, preserved specimens or chemical reagents.


          Students should wash their hands before arriving and leaving the laboratory facility.


          Protective eyewear and gloves must be worn when directed to do so by laboratory instructor.


          No sitting or lying down on the laboratory tables.


          Locate the Fire Extinguisher, First-aid Kit, Fire Blanket, Eye Bath and Broken Glass Disposal Box in the laboratory facility.


          Loose fitting clothing and long hair should be tied back when using Bunsen Burners. Always unplug Hot Plates when finished with lab procedure. No open toed shoes!!


          Deposit all broken glass wear in Broken Glass Disposal Box.


          When working with human material, (e.g. cheek cells), discard all swab and slides in Biohazard Container. All other "wet mount" slides should be discarded in bowl at rear lab sink. Never discard Prepared Slides.


          When working with preserved materials you must wear gloves at all times and keep your hands away from your face.


          Report all accidents (e.g. cuts, spills or equipment damage) to your Lab Instructor or a Biology Lab Technician.


          Chemical spill response kits (Acid/Caustic/Solvent) are located in the Biology Prep Room. Notify your Lab Instructor immediately of all chemical spills.


          Notify your Lab Instructor or Biology Lab Technician of any broken lab equipment.


          Students must follow the specific lab procedures outlined by the Lab Instructor or Lab Manual. Additional experiments are not allowed. Open Lab periods are available for review only. Instructor approval is required to make-up a lab procedure.


          Read all labels on chemical reagents before dispensing. Always double check lab procedures.


          Lab materials are not to be removed from the laboratory facility. All slides, chemical reagents, protective equipment or any other SCCC lab property must remain in the laboratory facility.


          Demonstration models, bones or other SCCC property are not to be removed from the laboratory facility. This equipment is expensive and removing this property from the laboratory facility constitutes theft.


          Do not discard solid materials (e.g. paper towels, lens paper or preserved materials) in the lab sinks. Use proper disposal method for these materials as described by your Lab Instructor.


          MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for all chemical reagents are located in the Biology Prep Room. Ask your Lab Instructor or Biology Lab Staff if you have any questions concerning chemical reagents or preservatives or wish to have a copy of a particular MSDS.


          Students are not allowed in the Biology Prep Room or Storage Areas.


          No audio headphones or cell phones are to be used in lab.

Please review the Safety Protocol, then read and sign the following declaration.



The signed declaration will be collected by either your Instructor or a Lab Tech and retained on file.

Please keep the Safety Protocol for future reference.





I _____________________________________ (Print Name) have read and understand all of the information presented in the Safety Protocol. I understand that these policies are in place to insure the safety of all SCCC students, staff and faculty as well as the protection of SCCC property. Failure on my part to follow the Safety Protocol may result in me being denied access to SCCC laboratory facilities.



Signed:____________________________________ Date: _________

Parent or guardian must sign if student is under 18


Class: ________________________________________