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We have a number of online resources that can help you decide on a career path. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with one of our career specialists to assist you in career exploration and planning and to help you with academic choices to match your professional career goals.

Meet with a Career Specialist

If you would like to make an appointment with a career specialist call 206.934.4383. You are welcome to also do research on your own. A brief description of each link is given below.

Online Career Resources

WOIS (Washington Occupational Information Systems)
This site is a large database of information on occupations and also has a variety of free online assessments to take. It links to every public or private school in the state of Washington. Guidelines for using WOIS

PLSI (Paragon Learning Styles Inventory)
This site has a free Myers–Briggs based Personality Assessment and information about the 16 personality preference types.

This is a longer version of the MBTI–Jungian Type Assessment to assess your personality preference. The site has some fun information about relationships, leadership and entrepreneurial style as well as other information about the 16 different personality types. The initial test and result are free. There are a variety of other tests you can take on this website at a nominal fee.

Career Bridge
This is sponsored through Olympia (State of Washington Department of Labor) and continues to add new tools and resources for job seekers and students.

Career Planner
This site can help you research careers, but most importantly can help you to write your resume, by providing job descriptions of the most common jobs. If you've had a job and are having a hard time describing what your duties and responsibilities were; this website can help you find the words.

Kiersey Temperment Sorter
Loosely based on the Myers–Briggs Personality Test. The test results group you into larger categories: Idealists, Guardians, Artisans and Rationales. It also gives you some career advice based on your results.

Glassdoor.com has information about salaries for specific companies, company reviews by employees, sample interview questions commonly asked for specific companies, and job postings.

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